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At SMS Company we specialize in delivering tailored, cutting-edge solutions across diverse sectors. Our expertise spans Integrated Security Systems, Advanced Cybersecurity, Smart City Technologies, and more.

Each area of operation is designed to enhance efficiency, ensure security, and foster sustainable growth. Dive into our services to discover how we can transform challenges into opportunities and drive innovation in your industry.

Cyber Security

In an era where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, robust cybersecurity measures are essential to protect sensitive data, maintain customer trust, and ensure business continuity. Our Cyber Security services encompass a wide range of advanced solutions designed to preemptively identify and neutralize threats. From Ethical Hacking that exposes potential vulnerabilities, Cyber Risk Management & Assessment that evaluates your security posture, to detailed Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing that fortify your defenses—each service is tailored to keep your digital environments secure.

Additionally, our Digital Forensics Services and Cyber Threat Analysis provide deep insights into security incidents, aiding in swift resolution and prevention of future attacks. With Compromise Assessment and Cyber Threat Hunting and Modeling, we proactively detect and mitigate potential compromises before they escalate. Our Consultation & Training programs further empower your team with the knowledge to maintain security protocols effectively, and our use of Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity operations enhances threat detection and response times.

Ethical Hacking

Cyber Risk Management & Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing

Digital Forensics Services

Cyber Threat Analysis

Compromise Assessment

Cyber Threat Hunting and Modeling

Consultation & Training

Artificial Intelligence

Integrated Screening & Detection Systems

Ensuring the safety and security of public spaces, transportation hubs, and critical infrastructure is paramount in today’s security-conscious world. Our Integrated Screening & Detection Systems provide advanced solutions designed to detect and prevent potential threats effectively. With state-of-the-art X-Ray Machines tailored for both cargo and baggage, we enhance security checkpoints in airports, train stations, and other sensitive areas.

Our comprehensive range of Explosive, Narcotics & Chemical Detectors and Sniffers offers reliable detection of a wide array of threats, ensuring public safety and operational continuity. Additionally, our Walk Through and Hand Held Metal Detectors are essential tools for securing events, buildings, and any area requiring enhanced security measures.

X-Ray Machines (Cargo & Baggage)

Explosive, Narcotics & Chemical Detectors and Sniffers

Walk Through Metal Detectors

Hand Held Metal Detectors

Integrated Security Systems

In today’s complex security landscape, safeguarding assets and ensuring public safety requires more than just basic measures. Our Integrated Security Systems provide a robust suite of solutions tailored to meet diverse and demanding security needs. From advanced Command and Control solutions that coordinate security operations across multiple platforms, to Critical Infrastructure Solutions that protect essential services and facilities, our technologies are at the forefront of security innovation.

Our offerings also include Integrated Video Management Systems, which enable seamless surveillance capabilities, and Facial Recognition technologies for enhanced identity verification. Access Control Systems ensure that only authorized personnel can enter sensitive areas, while Site Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems guard against unauthorized access. Additionally, our Voice Evacuation systems provide critical communication in emergencies, and Road Blockers and Gate Barriers offer physical security solutions for vulnerable entry points. The integration of Artificial Intelligence further enhances these systems, enabling smarter, faster, and more effective security responses.

Command and Control solutions

Critical Infrastructure Solutions

Integrated Video Management Systems

Facial Recognition

Access Control Systems

Site Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Voice Evacuation

Road Blockers and Gate Barriers

Artificial Intelligence

Smart City Solutions

As cities continue to grow and evolve, integrating smart technologies becomes essential to enhance urban efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life. Our Smart City Solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies to transform urban landscapes into intelligent, connected, and adaptive environments. From deploying Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and drones for monitoring and operations to integrating sophisticated CCTV and Artificial Intelligence solutions for enhanced security and situational awareness, we cover all facets of urban management.

Our systems also include Speed Monitoring to ensure traffic safety, Land Use Management tools for optimized city planning, and Traffic Control systems to improve mobility and reduce congestion. Additionally, our solutions for Air Quality and Environmental Monitoring help maintain the health and well-being of urban populations, while GIS Layers provide essential data for planning and decision-making processes. Our Persistent Surveillance systems offer continuous monitoring to ensure a safe urban environment.

UAS and drones

CCTV and Artificial intelligence solutions

Speed monitoring

Land use management

Traffic control

Air quality and environmental monitoring and management

GIS Layers

Persisstive Surveillance

Integrated Airspace, Land & Underwater Control & EW

Navigating the complexities of modern security threats requires advanced, integrated solutions that cover all operational domains—airspace, land, and underwater. Our Integrated Airspace, Land & Underwater Control & Electronic Warfare (EW) solutions are designed to protect and manage sensitive environments against a variety of threats, both conventional and unconventional. From Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) that offer sophisticated surveillance and interdiction capabilities, to specialized Drone and EW Test Sites that facilitate cutting-edge research and development, our solutions ensure comprehensive coverage.

We also provide Drone Management Systems and Pilot Training & Certification to support operational excellence and safety. Additionally, our robust Anti-drone Systems, including advanced Drone Detection and Jamming Systems, safeguard critical infrastructures from unauthorized drone activities. Our capabilities extend to Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems that optimize the safety and efficiency of aerial operations, alongside specialized equipment for Bomb and Telecommunication Jamming to protect against electronic threats and ensure VIP safety.


Drone/EW Test Site

Drone Management Systems

Pilot Training & Certification

Anti-drone Systems (CUAS) including Drone detection Systems and Drone Jamming System

Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)

Bomb and Telecommunication Jamming. (RCIED, VIP Protection Jammers)

Mapping & Aerial Survey Services

In the rapidly evolving world of geographic information and surveying, precision and innovation are key to uncovering new insights and applications. Our Mapping & Aerial Survey Services utilize cutting-edge technologies to deliver detailed and accurate geographical data. Through High-Precision Photogrammetry and Aerial Mapping, we provide comprehensive visualizations that enhance planning and decision-making processes across various industries. Our 3D Laser Scanning services offer unparalleled accuracy in capturing the physical world, creating precise models for construction, heritage conservation, and more. Further enriching the user experience, our Virtual Reality Gamification & Interactivity tools bring immersive and engaging ways to explore and interact with spatial data.

Interactive 3D Tours extend this capability into real estate, tourism, and education, offering virtual explorations of physical spaces. Additionally, our Drone Inspection services facilitate meticulous assessments of infrastructure and landscapes, ensuring safety and compliance.

High-Precision Photogrammetry and Aerial Mapping

3D Laser Scanning

Virtual Reality Gamification & Interactivity

Interactive 3D Tours

Drone Inspection

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