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team the acclaim they billige fodboldtrøjer børn have earned This
Disappointed to go out, but immensely proud of the performance, said Leicester manager Craig Shakespeare when he was asked how he felt afterwards. We gave an excellent team a really good shot. The players should be proud, but they're ultimately disappointed to go out.
At the end of the game, you could barely hear the final whistle for the noise of the crowd. Usually in these sort of circumstances, where a team has suffered glorious failure, there's a pause as the fans process their disappointment before giving the team the acclaim they Fodboldtrøjer have earned. This time there wasn't a pause, the encouragement to grab a late goal melting seamlessly into cheers for their efforts. They deserved it, and not just tonight.
If Leicester winning the Premier League stretched credibility to breaking point, the idea of them doing the same in the Champions League shattered it entirely. That was never going to happen, but even this was beyond what they could have hoped for or dreamed of. They'll always have this. It is better to have loved and lost. Just give them a little Fodboldtrøjer time to realise that.
Perhaps that won't matter in the end. This season's Champions League campaign has been a continuation of last season's domestic miracle, a curious side-plot as they tumbled towards the rough end of the Premier League table and failed to replicate the magic that brought them that league title. It was a glorious distraction, and few could have realistically expected them to get this far. It was incredible for them to be in the tournament in the first place, but to reach the last eight was mind-boggling.