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Educational Laboratories Success Stories

Early years , Middle Stage & Recently 

Educational Dept. through all these years until now mainly we were consider main educational sources for all University specially in the establishment stage ,  we supplied the main labs of all the Educational facilities , some examples

Early years  (since the establishment ) :

*University of Jordan   , since 1973 until toady Most old devices at all the Scientific faculties  were supplied through us .

*Yarmouk  , JUST & Mu’tah Universities

Because of the big orders in the establishment stage special cargo planes from UK were booked for the University ordered equipments in all the Scientific Faculties  

* Ministry of Education Since 1973 until now we almost participate in all World Bank Tenders  and local tenders

Middle Stage

Because of our good reputation in the early stages and the recommendation from the consultancies we worked with them previously , when the establishment of the  below new Universities back then , we were main supplier for all the Scientific faculties at the Universities  

Hashemite University 1995     

Al Balqa Applied University 1996  

Al Hussein Bin TalaL University 1999

Al Ahllyya Amman Privet  University  1990

Applied Scientific privet  University 1991  

*The Department of Meteorology – We provide them with the Doppler Radar Project

Recently Cases

Tafilah Technical University 2005   

German Jordanian University 2005   

American University (Madaba University ) 2010  

Schools : Kings Academy 2008 , Supplying all the scientific Laboratories 

UNRWA orders for Jordan and Middle East Centres at the five Regions (Jordan , west bank , Gaza , Syria , Lebanon )   

Medical Equipments Success Stories

We are proud to display the following installations and thank all those customers who have put their trust in us.

Directorate of Royal Medical Services – Queen Rania Pediatric Hospital

-           Leica surgical Microscope M525 F40 for ENT and Neurosurgery  and M844 F40 for Ophthalmology)

-          Otometrics Audiometer, Immitance and Fitting

-           Metro Carts, and hospital solution

-          Ardo – Amelie Star Infant Incubators, Master Surgical suction

And other projects

Ministry of Health

-          Otometrics   - ICS Charter EP 200 systems , Zodiac 901 at Al Basheer Hospital

-          Leica M620 F18 for Opthalmology in three hospitals

-          Leica Surgical Microscope M525 F40 for Neurosurgery at Prince Hamza Hospital

-          Medrad  - Vistron CT injector

-          Otopront  - Smart ENT units

Arab Medical center

-          Leica Surgical Microscopes M525 F40 for ENT and M844 F40 for Ophthalmology

-          Atria ECG from cardiac Science

-          Metro carts

Sharif Eye Center

-          Leica M820 F19 Surgical Microscope for Ophthalmology

Jordan Arab Center for Gynecology and Infertility

-          Menfis  - Pico Compact Urodynamic system

Al Hussain Cancer Center

-          Otopront – Complete ENT unit

Eye Specialty Hospital

-          Leica surgical Microscope for Ophthalmology

And Many thanks to Siemens, Toshiba, Philips and GE, and their distributors in Jordan that provided Medrad Injectors along with their systems in Jordan

For Example:

Jordan University Hospital - Siemens

Medrad  Stellant D  CT injector , Medrad MRI injector

Estishari Hospital – Seimens

-          Medrad Stellant  D CT injector, Medrad Mark V Provis,  Medrad Spectris  injector

Specialty Hospital

Medrad Stellant CT Injector

And many more sites