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Computer Partners

  • Enterprise Systems & Wintels Based Departments 



  • Laptops, Pcs and Peripherals Departments



  • Network Infrastructure Departments



  • Network Security Departments


Analytical Laboratories Partners

Leica Microsystems, FOSS, Petrotest, Sirchie, Telstar, UVP, Sherwood, Haver and Boecker

Institutional Detergents and Sanitizing Partners


Medical Laboratories  Partners

Beckman Coulter
Thermo Scientific

Medical Equipments Partners

Our relationship with our Partners started years ago and based on absolute trust and mutual respect.
We provide our Jordanian Market with Brands you can trust from Lieca, Otometrics, Otopront, Medard, Ardo, Quinton, Cardiac Science, Burdick, Menfis, RINI, Dessillons & Dutrillaux ,  Blosaplast

SMS Networking Partners:

  • HP
  • Cisco
  • R&M
  • Agilent