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About Educational Laboratories Department

Educational Laboratories Departments Recognized as market leaders within the Educational Equipment market in Jordan, as well as High-Tech and Research equipment in Jordan.

During all these years since 1973, our department deals with many major and famous brands of vendors and supplier around the world, we have excellent partnership with most of them during many years until today. As we present their products and support them of high standards of services.

The department is well known as a leading provider of technical & scientific teaching equipment for Schools, Colleges, Universities, industrial and Vocational training canters wherever they are located. in addition that that quality products we supply mostly  designed and built to give end users many years of safe, accurate and reliable usage. In addition of having an excellent reputation for after sales service and the quality of our products, which we are able to continue to offer & support.

The Educational Laboratories further supports its customers by providing onsite services, product procurement, consultation for new establishments & projects and technical services.

Consist of three major sections of equipments :

1-   Technology  Section : 


  • Supplyingequipments for the following educational laboratories  for all  educational facilities , Faculties of Engineering and Vocational Centres
  • Electrical & Electronics  Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechtronics / Learning Systems for Automation and Technology  Engineering
  • Civil Engineering :
  • Computer Engineering
  • Vocational Training Equipment

2-   Science  Section


Supplying equipments for the following educational laboratories  for all  educational facilities  & all scientific faculties  

Physics Lab Equipment

Chemistry Lab Equipment

Biology Lab Equipment

Geology lab equipment

General Lab equipment


Data loggers

Biological & Medical Models



3-   Electronic Test & Measurement Section

This section responsible for measurement instruments used in manufacturing, installing, and testing communications systems. In addition, basic instruments for electronics laboratories.